Revenue Officers also known as "Collection Officers" are assigned by the IRS to collect on back taxes.

They are authorized to seize properties, garnish wages, levy bank accounts and place liens on your property.

They may have the power and authority but they also need to comply with certain regulations set by the Congress.

What we do for you at Advantage Tax Help:

  • Watch, make sure and in some cases demand that your Revenue Officer complies with the rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that your Revenue Officer respects your rights and provides you with reasonable time frames to respond to their request.
  • Our Tax Practitioners are well experienced in dealing and negotiating with Revenue Officers. They will place you in the best financial position possible.
  • In the event that your Revenue officer is not complying with the regulations or is being unresponsive, we will contact theTaxpayer Advocate Service on your behalf.

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