Temporarily remove the IRS tax lien on your home to refinance.

According to IRS Publication 784, Section 6325 allows the IRS to issue a certificate of lien subordination if it increases the government.s interest, and make collection of the tax debt easier and/or faster. This means that The IRS has allowed its lien to take a lower place than someone else's lien if the government increases their chance of getting paid a significant portion or all of the delinquent taxes that you owe.

The IRS may take a lower place than a "junior lienor" (someone whose lien originally had a lower place then the IRS lien) if it receives the dollar value of the lien in the property that the junior lienor is acquiring, for example, a second mortgage.

The IRS may also subordinate a lien if it deems that doing so would help speed up collection of the tax.

How we do it at Advantage Tax Help:

  • An adequate Lien Subordination requires very specific wording and a solid understanding of the IRS Code and Procedure.
  • Our Tax Practitioners are experts on the criteria, guidelines, and procedures followed by the IRS in Section 6325.
  • Advantage Tax Help has the knowledge to present your case in the most favorable light and negotiate your lien subordination.

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